Above Fireplace TV installation


  • Secure the TV above the Fireplace (Any size TV)
  • (optional)  Install electrical outlet behind TV
  • (optional)  Hide HDMI cables inside the wall
  • Connect all your devices
  • Vacuum and clean up 

We hide the HDMI cables inside the wall and install a power outlet for your TV.
This gives you a nice clean look without ugly wires, or the need for wire covers.



Above Fireplace TV Installation

Wall Mounted Plasma or LCD TV installation

Here at Digital EDGE we offer everything you want in a Plasma or LCD TV above the Fireplace Installation in one package.

We believe in doing a professional installation the way you expect it to be done. Period.

  • Install mounting bracket to the wall and mount TV on bracket at desired Height and Location.
  • connect all components (like HD cable box, DVD player, gaming system, etc) to your TV. We’ll help you choose the best connection for each of your components.
  • conceal audio/video wires within the wall. Nice clean looking wall plates are used both behind the TV and at the bottom of the wall.
  • make sure all of your components are working properly.
  • neatly organize all cable connections to your components. (we make sure there is no “birds nest” of messy looking cables behind your components.)
  • Program your cable box remote control to work with your new Plasma or LCD TV so you don’t have to “jugle” remote controls
  • show you how to use your new system, leave you with information on how everything was hooked up, and even label the inputs on your TV’s menu to match your components!
  • Vacuum and clean up.