All pricing is flat rate. We charge the same price for Houses, Businesses , Condos , or Apartments. Because if the job is the same, the price should be too.

Projector Installation $299

  • Secure projector mount to ceiling
  • Hide HDMI and electric inside ceiling and wall
  • connect components (cable box, game systems, etc.)
  • Calibrate the projector for the best picture, and size of your screen
  • Program remote controls
  • connect to internet if available
  • patch drywall if needed
  • vacuum and clean up
  • Estimated time 3hrs

Speaker Installation $99 each

  • Assess best location and layout for speakers
  • Run 16awg wire from receiver to speaker location
  • Speaker wire will be hidden inside the wall or ceiling
  • In-wall or In-ceiling speakers are recommended
  • Calibrate speakers decibel level, and distance via the receiver for best sound and performance
  • Patch drywall if needed
  • vacuum and clean up
  • Estimated time 1hr per speaker

Fixed Screen Assembly and installation $149

  • Assess best location for screen
  • Assemble screen¬†
  • Install screen securely to the wall
  • vacuum and clean up
  • Estimated time 1.5hrs
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