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Geek Squad, Hello Tech, and Puls.

It’s a good idea to shop around right?

We think so too. In fact we shop our competition quite often.

Everyone wants to find the best deal right?

The problem is that it’s hard to compare apples to oranges when it comes to actual installation services.

Let me show you what I mean.

Lets say your looking to install your brand new 60″ TV on your family room wall. Just plain old drywall, and not above a fireplace.

Fantastic! The Digital EDGE price for this service is $175 and includes hiding all the cables behind the wall and installing an electrical outlet behind the TV.

Whats that? You need a mounting bracket for the TV?

No problem! We sell tilting mounts for $49.

$224 Total.

Not to mention we give a $50 discount on each additional TV installation.

Ready to compare?

Geek Squad is up first.

Looks like they start with 2 services. Basic $129 and Premium $199.

Whats the Difference?

Well it looks like routing cables through the wall raises the price $70!

But whats this “power cables not included”?

That’s right they don’t install an outlet behind the TV, and you can’t run extension cords or power cables through the wall. So your still left with a cord hanging down the wall. Dumb.

So let’s add on that tilting mount.

And there you have it $279, and you still have the power cord hanging down your wall.

Next up…

This company is somewhat of a Geek Squad copycat. They do computers, and wifi and other non Audio Video things.

Their Google ad says “Starts at $79”. Great!

Lets check it out.

Wow! That’s quite the price scale!

Where do they get this idea from? TV’s are so light these days it only takes one person to mount a 65″. Why all the different prices?

Anyway we said 60″ TV with a tilting mount so…….$139

But…….whats this?

Hiding your cables in the wall will raise the price $50

AND “customer must supply cord concealment materials”.

What they are referring to is a “power Bridge”

This allows them to “sorta kinda” install an outlet behind the TV without tapping into your electrical. This kit typically runs $59 on

Okay so how about that tilting mount?

There we are at $268 Total.

Kind of…..Don’t forget the customer must provide the “power bridge” @ $59.

Soooo…….$327 Total.   WOW.

Finally PULS.COM

They hang TV’s, and Fix broken phones.

Kind of a weird combination of skills wouldn’t you say?

Those prices look great so far right?

Lets select our 60″ on the next screen.


But there is a catch!

This price does not include hiding the cables in the wall.

I had to chat with Robert in order to find the hidden costs.

Turns out they do the same thing as the Geek Squad. Hide some cables but not the electrical.

So here’s the Deal…

It’s difficult to shop because not everything is apples to apples.

Sometimes there are hidden costs, or missing options.

But don’t worry…….

Digital EDGE has the Best Price

and we’ll even hide all your cables in the wall too!


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